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  {Barracuda} Games is a free online massively multiplayer intellectual games. It will be available soon in English, Russian (Русский), French (Français), Spanish (Español), Armenian (Հայերեն), Turkish (Türkçe), Chinese (中文), Bulgarian (Български) and Arabian (العربية).
We are open for cooperation with federations and clubs.

Play your favorite games online with your friends. Chess, backgammon, belot, checkers, dominoes, poker and other intellectual games.
  21/05/2011 23:02:00
Graphic designer wanted
This is a part time job
please attach sample works to email
also please mention desired hourly salary
31/10/2010 21:53:00
Beta testing
Beta testing is open.
Send your request to info@barracudagames.com to receive
invitation for beta testing.

06/08/2010 11:16:00
Mobile games
Mobile games will not be launched and the section will be disabled soon, the reason is the restriction of platform vendors like Apple, Google and Microsoft.
06/08/2010 11:14:00
Engine upgrade
New web site engine is coming soon, online games expected in October.
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